Who is Jena?

Hey Everyone!

Thank you for visiting!  I’m an entrepreneur, business(s) owner, toddler mom, and wife.  I love travel, genealogy, dance, and continual learning.  I believe that we are our own biggest barriers to success, and that life if all about breaking free and experiencing as much as possible.  God has given us an entire world at our fingertips, and it’s up to us to impact it for the better!

Never stop learning!

While studying at the University of Georgia and getting my BA degree in Sociology, I studied abroad in Italy.  That was life changing!  I also went on to get a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a MA in Leadership.

We have those moments in life where things change us for the better.

Milestones for me were:

Learning to dance – West Coast Swing and Line Dance are my loves.  I taught Ballroom for Fred Astaire Dance Studios, competed and qualified for Worlds in my division for line dance, competed in West Coast Swing, and performed line dance as part of the Wild Team.  Dance makes me feel alive.

Italy – Studying abroad, independently, living in that 4th floor apartment in Florence showed me that anything is possible.  We are all more alike than we realize and there is SO MUCH to learn out there in this world.

And then I met Jason.

Look! It’s me on the Atlanta news!

If there was any doubt of “why not?” in my mind, Jason eradicated it.  While dating, we launched 2 successful businesses that continue on today.  (In addition to other businesses since marrying!)

I was blown away by his freedom of not living a 9-5 life.  2 months after starting our restoration business, I walked away from corporate America forever, from a job I’d been at for 5 years with an international company.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  (And it probably worried my parents sick, lol!  Through it all, they have been supportive! I love you mom and dad!)

CBD oil – Years ago, when researching Genealogy and DNA, I did a self-report and there was an entire page for the “EndoCannabinoid system”.  It wasn’t until a few years later that everything clicked.  Our bodies actually make it’s own forms of cannabidiol and some bodies are more efficient than others.  (Just like we make Vitamin D or get it from outside sources). That’s why a QUALITY CBD OIL can make sure a huge difference for so many people.

Yep, I make money, from my smart phone, selling CBD Oil.  The cannabis industry is ON FIRE!  For good reason, it has so many benefits and people are finding that it helps with SO MUCH!  (Just some of the reasons people take it are: pain, anxiousness, focus, skin issues, blood health, sleep, mood, and more!)

Looking for that “side gig” that starts the path to wealth with multiple streams of income?  Learn more about what I do with free, instant access at: www.getCBDbizinfo.com

What are some of the other Carver brands?

 Total Pro Roofing

Total Pro Roofing is based in Grayson, GA, In Gwinnett County.  Since  our founding in 2012, Total Pro Roofing serves all of the Greater Atlanta and Greater Athens areas.  We are award winning: Consumers’ Choice Award Atlanta 2018 & 2017, Best of Gwinnett 2018, 2017 & 2016, and Best of Home Advisor 2016.  Fully insured.  One of the few companies in the state that has completed the voluntary license program through the RSMCA (not just a business license like others claim). A+ Rated with the BBB.  And YES! We work with all insurance carriers:  www.TotalProRoofing.com


This was the first project that I started with, then boyfriend, Jason in 2009.  (We married a few years later.)  2019 marks 10 years of event entertainment by Haywire! Your energetic country and/or variety music band!  We’ve played for crowds in the thousands and intimate groups in the tens. Corporate events, festivals, lake events, club headliners, weddings, private events, and even on TV for an episode on NBC! Want to learn more? Check out our site at www.HaywireGA.com

There’s a little something for everyone in my life.  Whether it be the Entertainment Industry (hello weddings and corporate parties!) or stories from our tournament fishing lake.  (Come say Hello! if you’re in the Oxford areas.) I hope to inspire you that you really do have the world at your fingertips.

Just get out and do it!

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