The Best CBD oil for Dogs and other Pets

cbd oil for dogs

Pets have an EndoCannabinoid system, just like humans!  They benefit from CBD just like we do!  Are you looking for a natural solution? Consider CBD oil for your dog or other pet.

CBD oil for dogs (and other pets) can help with a variety of concerns like nervousness, pain, skin issues, itching, appetite, nausea, allergies, and more.

What is it? CBD is a cannabinoid produced by the hemp plant. In other words, it’s just one of the many compounds produced by this particular plant.

How does it work? CBD oil helps with so much because we have an EndoCannabinoid system with receptors all over our body. (Just like we have lymph and nervous systems.) Cannabinoids, like CBD, help drive the body’s production of it’s own versions called Anandamide and AG-2. The science behind it is fascinating!

This pooch was helped with her itchy, dry skin.

What product should I get? There’s two difference choices most pet owners look at: 1. Better for smaller dogs/cats: The 250 pet CBD oil for dogs product is formulated with hemp oil, CO2 extracted CBD, and a Natural Bacon flavor.  2. Better for medium/later pets: 500 Natural CBD oil which contains just hemp oil and CO2 extracted CBD.  (Bonuses? That’s the people versions, and there’s a 60 day empty bottle return guarantee, AND the company has one of the 13 USA Hemp Authority Seals of Approval. That’s a huge deal!)

CBD oil is non-psychoactive, reduces stress, improves health, is all-natural, and organic. Check out my brand pick here: Try the 250 Pet or even the 500 Natural for your larger furry friends!

Here’s what people are saying:

“So thankful for the dog oil! Not only does it allow my 15 year old Pekingese to be more mobile and in less pain but her skin issues are sooooo much better!!! “

“Even our dog is having amazing results with it. He suffers from anxiety and he is a brand new dog with no anxiety! Unbelievable!”

“…his last seizure was September 15! So far so good! It helps his hip dysplasia [pain] immensely!”

“I run a special needs animal rescue and use the oil for things like this
all the time. Just a couple of drops on the rash will help the itch and inflammation. Your pup will feel so much better.”

“I have a yorkie that gets stressed out so easy. She barks at her own shadow and shakes uncontrollably. I give her 10 drops morning and at night. I give her the 250 for dogs. She is so calm she has been on it over a month. We had a bark collar on her and was able to take it off of her.”

Get it here:

cbd oil for dogs

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